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I can remember telling a secret to my pet. Since I was growing quite attached to the little critter, I decided it was time to divulge a bit of information concerning the intimacies of my life to him. He looked at me as he usually does, of course, and went on about his business just as before. Which made me think, shouldn't more experiences be like that? Especially the coming out experience. Mustering up the courage to come out can be difficult. Your biggest hope is that people will come to have this new knowledge, accept it, and treat you exactly as the person you were before. Because, after all, you are fundamentally the same individual you were five minutes before you came out.

Coming out can be difficult thing no matter what time in your life you choose to do it. But if the task is approached early in life, how to handle the situation may be even more unclear. Questions abound. Will my family still love me? What will my friends think? How will coming out affect my current relationships? The considerations about coming out can be endless.

Whatever you decide about how to come out is your own personal choice. The important this is that you have chosen to come out. By coming out you are learning to be honest with yourself and to take pride in the individual at you are. You are comfortable with your lifestyle and you want to share this significant aspect of your life with others.

Below you can access the thoughts of college students about coming out. Some are stories of personally coming out, some are stories of being affected when someone else came out. It is hoped that these stories can be an inspiration for those who are currently confused about outting themselves. Click here for the stories from the gals, and here for the stories from the guys.

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