An eye-opening situation comes to mind when I think about prejudice against people who choose not to conform to societal norms. It comes from one of many sessions I worked in my years as an HIV/AIDS educator. Facing a particularly tough group that day, things were a bit tense. When Q&A time arrived, an individual in the audience posed us an interesting question. "How can you help these people [refering to homosexuals and bisexuals]? The Lord says what they are doing is wrong. Why do you even associate with them?" Things were silent for a moment. Then my supervisor replied, "My God tells me to love. What does your God tell you to do?"

The following is a story sent in by J. H. It's food for thought. I have had an interesting experience, sitting on a beach one afternoon with a friend of mine -- we have a particularly physical relationship however this particular afternoon it was purely platonic. We were having a great time chatting and laughing when all of a sudden this young girl, who couldn't have been more than five or six, came up to us and called accusingly at us, "Are you two lesbians?" We turned around and denied the fact, then she said, "Yes you are. I saw you two kissing." At this stage I hadn't ever kissed my friend and as I said our relationship was 'harmless' so to speak. The little girl spat on the ground and stomped off. Flustered by the whole fiasco, yet unscathed, we continued on talking. About five minutes later she returned again and angrily yelled, "Get off my beach you lemons, lesbians, we don't want lesbo's here." She then turned around and stuck her head between her legs and stuck her finger up at us. I should have kissed my friend there and then just to prove a point but in my ire I just hurled obscene language and felt quite depressed for the rest of the afternoon. The age of the girl and apparent anger and hatred in the voice was what alarmed me, I had never been subject to such discrimination before. I thought people were more tolerant now of many things but intolerance is obvioulsy being bred into the younger generation, when will people learn?

Here's an article that was in the January 7 newspaper. It's title was Gay group's Cruise Told to Stay Away. It read: The itinerary of a gay cruise to the Caribbean had to be changed to bypass Grand Cayman after the Cayman Islands refued to let the group's ship dock, saying it didn't expect "appropriate behavior" from the passengers. Gay and civil rights groups criticized the snub against the group that chartered Norwegian Cruise Line's 910-passenger Leeward.

If you have an interesting story about biphobia or stupidity, or if you have a story about a nice positive happening, email it to me. I'll post it here for the whole world to see!

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