Cary Grant, born Archibald Leach, was one of the most popular movie stars of his era and remains an icon still today.  Born in England,he ran away from home as a teen to join a traveling performance group.  Once arriving in America, Grant worked his was to the top by beginning with small roles on Broadway.  He would go on to star in numerous movie shorts and over 70 feature films, yet he never won an Oscar.   Directed by Alfred Hitchcock in North by Northwest and To Catch a Thief, Grant also starred in Operation Petticoat, Monkey Business, and An Affair to Remember, to list only a few.

Although Grant married five times, he was regarded as a gay man by many in Hollywood.  Grant had an enduring relationship with fellow actor Randolph Scott, lasting longer than many of their relations with women.  Grant has also been linked to actor Francis Renault, costume designer George Orry-Kelly, and Howard Hughes.
Notably one of the most significant and effectual women of our century, Eleanor Roosevelt was more than a First Lady of the United States.  Voted "The Most Admired Woman in America," she was a highly competent political and social pacesetter during the presidency of her husband and beyond.  Roosevelt was a champion of human rights through the United States and overseas.  Of particular interest to her were women's and minority rights.  Roosevelt organized numerous relief activites for the troops involved in World War II.  She also served as her husband's political and campaign right hand after he was struck with polio.  Roosevelt also served as delegate to the United Nations. 

Roosevelt was the mother of five children, having lost one child at birth, and her marriage with her husband was rocky.  Enduring through these times, though, was an impassioned intimate relationship with Lorena Hickock, a journalist.  Correspondence between the two women indicates that they had kept this relationship alive for years.  Hickock was often a guest at the White House, but special precautions were taken to guard information about her and her image from the press. 

Eleanor Roosevelt's empathy for human kind compelled her to fight for social causes.  She is given credit with forming the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.  

Great conqueror of the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great spread Hellenistic culture, Christianity, and the Roman Empire to the world.  His kingdom was one of the largest ever amassed, stretching from Greece to Egypt to India. 

Alexander had developed a romantic relationship with his boy-hood friend, Hephaestion. Hephaestion grew to be an important military and administrative aid to Alexander.  Alexander also had romantic relations with members of the conquered Persian Court.  Alexander later went on to have wives, but did not care for them as he did Hephaestion.

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