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welcome to alternakids, the ring for people leading lifestyles somehow alternative to the norm.
in order to be part of the ring, there are a few minor specifications that you must grapple with.
    1.  You need to have a web page.  Seems obviously simple, doesn't it?

    2.  The page that you submit to the ring needs to be related to alternative lifestyles.  This goes beyond your standard LesBiGay, Transgendered, and Transsexual subject matter.  This includes lots of things, from your unfaltering devotion to BDSM and leather love to your great vegetarian recipes and religious beliefs.  Family friends, S&M kiddos, and the whatnot are all welcome here.

    3.  Please no Busty Bi Babe seeking Hot Homo Chic type stuff.  I'm not a major fan of sites that hock hardcore porno, either.  We want this to be fun and friendly for people of all ages, right?

    4.  You need to have the Alternakids ring links on your page.  That's all pretty simple.

    Here is the form to submit your site. The process of getting in the ring is very easy.  I've altered the HTML code so you don't  have to fiddle with uploading the ring graphic. It's all built in! Pretty nifty. Once you've filled this out, all you have to do it cut and paste the HTML fragment that appears after you submit your information. Or, you can cut & paste the HTML fragment that will automatically be emailed to you. How simple! So, once you've done all that and everything is set up and ready to go on your page, email me and I'll add you officially to the ring!
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    It might be a good idea to check your email now.

    What's that? You're already in the ring?
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